Art by William Albert Edward Jeneway known as Will Prince

About William

 photo courtesy of Peter Hobbs

William Albert Edward Jeneway (nicknamed Will Prince) was born in 1886, the son of William Charles Jeneway

He married Elsie Du Feu on 12th January 1913 and they spent their married life living in Southampton.

They had eight children -

Phyllis, Leslie, Rita, Robert, Betty, Ronald, June & Ruth

William died on 9th October 1947

William worked as a stewerd on board ships and travelled extensively. He loved to paint. Much of his art featured places he visited or ships he sailed on. Most of his art was sold to passengers. As well as pictures, he painted on silk night dress cases, penknives, autograph books & calenders.

Together he and his brother Victor developed the concept of selling souvenirs to passengers during voyages. William painted items of interest & Victor sold them through the barbers shop where he was the ships hairdresser. This was long before there were shops on board ships. I understand that from this small enterprise, Victor launched the Ocean Trading Company.